Weekly Review (Mar1 – 7th)

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Mobile learning is the new information stream.

Web conferencing softwares such as Acrobat Pro, MSN, and Skype are useful tools. Plus, its free! However, I believe there are both pros and cons to Mobile learning.

Practicality. Web conferencing can also be saved and viewed later. No need to get up early in the to get to class.

Priorty: Have you ever been in a situation where something comes up and you have to choose between that and class? With mobile learning, you can just save the lecture and view it later.

Laziness: Many, if not all students force themselves to go to class each morning. However, would those same students dare say, “force” themselves to view each web conference? Is laziness a factor? Yes.

Unfair: Some students are not as fortunate compared to those with three or four computers at home. They may not even own a single computer. Does “mobile learning” sound promising to those less fortunate? Definately not.

I believe “Mobile learning” is a useful tool. However, it is not a necessity. Rather, it is a stepping stone to something greater. “Universal Learning,” perhaps?


Weekly Review (Feb21 – 28th)

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We had another guest lecture by Dr. John Willinsky from Stanford University.

The lecture was about the open, and not so open, components of research. For instance, research and resources, important componets for writing research papers, are supported by public funding. Although this seems to be fair for both ends of the party, looks can be deceiving. Knowledge is not so open due to copyright. Copyright information that is used by researchers are not so open. Is this fair?

I believe that it is far. Think about it. Would anyone work for free? Reasearch is not an easy task. For example, think about the number of tedious hours that goes into research. And the product of those hours is useful information. Therefore, copyright information should be open, but for some kind of compensation. If the owner wants financial compensation, so be it.


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One of the more talked-about gadgets unveiled at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas was the LG Watch Phone. LG has released watch phones previously, but this year’s version is the first watch to offer a feature-set that is close to being on par with a smartphone.

Weekly Review (Feb1 – 7th)

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In this week, we had a guest lecture with librian and talked about copy right. 

Author side of picture

Copy right is the federal legislation in canada. Copyright is basically protects creative works such as literary, Artistic, Dramatic, Musical, and Computer programs. Whenever we suggest or create the idea, we have to create in a fixed form whether it’s something online on the web. In canada, we don’t have to register any of copyright work in online and as soon as we produced it in a fixed form, it’s copyrighted.

In economic right, we can get the payment and  royalty as soon as we created something, we get to decide as a creator how do you want to be produce, published.

Moral right is something you can’t assigned to someone else but you can wait. Threse is three types of moral rights which are attribution, integrity, and association. Right of attibution is you want people to see my content and to avoid the praglism. Right of integrity is that you don’t want people use your work in negative way and get bad effect on you. Therefore, we have to consider that we want that as economic right to get the payment and royalty or keep as moral right to keep in an integrity.

In terms of copyright, canada get the life of creator plus 50 years and US get the life of creator plus 70 years.

User side of picture

In copyright legislation, the fair dealing is a private study, research, criticism, and review. However, there are exceptions of using copyright. it has to be only in purpose of using for premises of the educational institution, and not for profit.

Weekly Review (Jan18 – 24)

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In this week (Jan18-24),  the topic was about “VC Session Planning”. The VC is stands for Video Conference. There is thre steps that we need to concider about. Which are plan, prepare, and practice. 

First of all, we have to plan “when, where, who, how, why”. Therefore, we can firm nice and organize. The planning is very important for whole steps of the firming because the firming work is working by well-organized plan. The technical planning is one of the important steps to do. Which are connection plans, lighting, background, camera angles, audio, resource distribution, and backup plans. It is crucial because we have to know what objects are being addressed. what background information do the participants bring to the session, and what on-site resources are required. Therefore, we have to decide carefully what objects we are going to addressed. Also, the background has to be simple and easy for participants because if it is too colorful or complicate, it is hard to see what he/she is trying to say. on-the site resources are simply music, video, pictures and so on.

Second of all, we have to prepare in order to take a nice firm. Therefore, we need tools and resources. We can get the idea from planning what kind of resources we need. For example, video, document cameras, images, graphics, music, study guide and so on . Tools and resources are the key of taking a good firm so it has to be well-prepared.

Third of all, we need to take many times of practice. If we do not have a practice and firm, we will not be organize, and awkward.

In session content,  we have to  be consider what are the 3 or 4 BIG IDEAS  you want to message to participants. It has to be simple and nice, so you can give the strong image about the things that you want it to say.


 K:  what do you know about this subject area

 W: what is the thing you want to know

 L: what do we learne at this perticular point

monitorng for understanding

it has to contain what you are going to talk about. It has to be easy and simple for participants.

Transitions for understanding

you have to use the right transition word to show what you are indicating on the presentaion.

In this week lecture, it was very interesting that i get lecture from the professor in Alberta. It was first time i see that two of professors are lecturing. Dr. Gordon Booth was very organized and easy to understand. Therefore, I learned more clearly about how to presantate in front of people or on the camera. I learned a lot about the way of doing motinoring for understaning and transition for understanding. It was new to me and it is very good tip for presentation.

Weekly Review (Jan11-17)

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In this week (Jan11-17), we learned about the topic “Review of Educational Delivery Options”. There were few types of learning delivery modes which were Face-to-Face Education, Blended Learning, and Online Learning. These modes are very commone way that many colleges and universities are using in these days. Specially, the learning managemnt system is very useful method and tool for students who want to participate the course because only thing you have to do is acess the internet and click the material that you want it to. On the video, few other interesitng digital learning resources were mentioned which were Merlot, Wisc-Online, and eduSource. I actually went to the Merlot website to see how does that look like and it was very organize and easy to find the informtaion that i wanted to. Moreover, video conferencing is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously (Wikpedia). Skype is one of the softwares that you can chat or share a file with your friends. Therefore, if you are an international student in Canada, you can chat or talk with your frineds on the web which makes you save money talking on the phone. I feel the video conferencing is developed a lot compare with before. Therefore, I can share my media with other friends and comments on it. I’m exciting to see the development of Video conferencing.

This is the first time that i’m taking an online course. At the beginning, I was worry about the lack of my computer knowledge, but it was easier than i thought. On the moodle, everything was set up and all i had to do was follow the step that Dr. Irivine updated. The video lecture was very helpful to understand the concept of this course. The greatest thing about the onlince learning is i can listen the lecture any time i want. I can stop the lecture if i want to take a break or i can go back to the part that i do not understand. I think this is the strong point about online course. I hope i can learn many things from this course.

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